Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bollocks to Baking!

I know, it's been ages since we have reported happenings around Bittersweet HQ but we have had our little hands literally full of yummy goodies for weeks on end now leaving precious little time to catch up with you all! How have you been? We certainly hope all silly notions of diets and detoxes have fully been banished and you are back on the cake wagon, woot!

Spring is here it seems and with it we have a new menu with new flavours! We hope that it inspires you to give us a call and try out something new and exciting.

In other very exciting news, Bittersweet Bakers was written up by the gorgeous ladies of Domestic Sluttery, who we caked up for their 1st birthday party! They celebrated in style and we hope this the first of many birthdays to come! They were so kind and we really appreciate the glowing review!! Thanks girls!

Here are a few photos of what's been happening around here lately...

And my personal favourite the SUPERSIZE cupcake!!
Giant Cupcake!!

And some lovely Valentine's Cupcakes

Valentine's Cupcakes

Valentine's Cupcakes

Take care cake lovers!