Friday, 11 December 2009

Cupcake Decorating Workshops in London

Hot Pink Chocolate Cupcakes

Wow, what a few crazy months it's been! We at Bittersweet Bakers have been so busy making heaps and heaps of delicious tasty treats that we are stunned and amazed it's nearly Christmas! How did that happen?? Good thing the internet is open for Christmas shopping at all hours or we would be empty handed on the big day!

The most notable thing to announce is that due to overwhelming popular demand (we are SO flattered!) we have decided to make our Cupcake Decorating workshops open to everyone on a regular basis instead of just private parties! Yay!

This is partly due to the wonderful Gail who wrote a super article for the Londonist on what a brilliant time she had at one of our classes. Not only is she good with words, but she's pretty hot with a piping bag and some glitter too!

If you fancy getting your cupcake decorating groove on, just send us an email for information. We are going to be doing workshops in the new year on 10 January, 7 February and 28 February. This also makes a brilliant gift for Christmas or any other gift giving occasion and vouchers are available.

Also, for all you baking enthusiasts, we are happy to give classes on all sorts of topics including Proper Baking for Beginners or Layer Cake Assembly and Decorating, just to name a few. If you have a specific topic you would like to cover, get in touch! You never know, we might just be thinking the same thing!